This may sound a little bit silly, but ay i know the processes of changing a costing method from FIFO to standard if a particular item has transaction entries already.

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You have to adjust all of the inventory out, change the costing method, then adjust all of the inventory back in.

adjustment should be made then through dataport right?

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what are the problems that arise when i don’t adjust all of inventory out and i have change the costing method…??

What influence in inventory…??

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The problem is that it won’t let you change it :slight_smile:

You could do the adjustment through a dataport into the Item Journal and post the imported lines if you wanted to. Then do the same after you’ve changed the costing method to get the inventory back in (only this time as a positive adjustment instead of a negative one).

Financially you potentially corrupt the system, apart from that it will be fine I am sure. Talk to an accountant about having $10,000 in stock

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