Transfer from FIFO to Standard

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of any issues raised in Navision 2.6, when users decide to change their costing method on item cards to Std from FIFO? Thanks Roisin

Hi, You have to make negative ajustment for all inventory. Then change costing method to Standard and assign Standard cost to items. Then make Positive Adjustments for Inventory. Then Update Unit Cost field in all open Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Production Orders.

Hello Valentin


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… You have to make negative ajustment for all inventory. …

Am I wrong or are in this case the entire COG’s due. >The controller will go through the roof [:0]. rev.: Yes, I am wrong! The positive adjustment is the ‘counterpart’. But what about this way: - change the costing method (without adjustments) - calculate the stock value - correct the inventory accounts bye Andre

Hi, all As far as I know, you can’t change the costing method, when there are inventory entries. Not even if the balance is zero. Am I missing something? Anna

Anna is quite correct, but the limitation is easy to remove. However, the accounting ramifications may not be so easy to deal with. Before doing something as basic and potentially far-reaching as changing the costing rules for individual items, a) make sure that your CFO and your auditors are fully in agreement, and b) test, test, test before doing it for real, and c) keep a backup of the pre-change database and make sure that after you make the changes you can track all the transactions that will affect costs until everyone is sure the change went OK.