Cancel/amend trade agreements with multiple lines


I have successfully uploaded multiple lines into one trade agreement journal from Excel (up to 500 lines). I have been looking at scenarios where the trade agreement needs to be amended or cancelled after it has been posted.

I have used the Select function and can also edit trade agreement lines from Released Products but cannot find a way of bringing back all of the lines in the original trade agreement to amend or cancel.

We will be using this functionality to set up mass markdowns (fashion retail) and I am concerned that changes to the date/price may be made after the button has been pressed. Is it possible to amend and cancel multiple lines or will this have to be managed through business rules to ensure that the trade agreement is not posted until the last minute? The latter concerns me as it looks like cancellations would need to be done for each line separately which is obviously not ideal and the are bound to be instances where someone posts prematurely out of human error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!