Trade Agreement


Please can anyone confirm whether trade agreements can be copied to different companies?

If yes, please suggest it can be done.


Trade agreement can’t be copied to other companies. Use standard excel/csv templates to import the data in another company.


Thanks Pranav

Hi Pranav,

Please can you suggest a way (if there is any) to create a trade agreement journal simultaneously for all the items in a single journal?

For example - I am trying to set a price uplift percentage applicable to all items in a single journal rather setting up each journal for item.




In the trade agreement journal lines, you can copy trade agreement journal lines using select button.

There you have option to select trade agreement lines for vendor, customer and items. Copy that lines, make necessary modification and post the journal.

That should serve your purpose.


No they cannot be copied. Your best option would be to write an import/export script depending upon your actual requirements.

Thanks Pranav

Thanks Adam

It would be a nice feature if you could copy/export the lines after you have ‘selected’ the lines from your Journal to update and manipulate.

This functionality could also be used to generate/create quotation lists for each of your vendors for material they have supplied to you ( and was priced using trade agreements).

Just my $0.02


There is a copy and you can push the lines into Excel.