Trade agreement validation

Hi guys,

I need to add more validation for trade agreement lines.

By default system is considering existing Dimension values, account number, item number, unit etc.

Along with that, I need my own fields should also be considered for validation.


System shouldn’t throw validation error while 2 records are having same values for all fields except one which is my own field.

Record 1: Account1, Item1, site1, warehouse1, pcs, my field val A

Record 2: Account1, Item1, site1, warehouse1, pcs, my field val B

Here system is throwing validation error as it is considering only standard fields.

How can I achieve this? Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance.


Faisal Raja J


What is the business objective that you are trying to achieve? To me it sounds a big customization, maybe based on some item fields. Changing the code for validation is not a great idea, you may change code for validation but real problem may come up in SO and PO creation.


Hi Pranav,

This customization is required for maintaining the item price based on the customer, item, site, warehouse, unit and one of the customized fields in trade agreements. So whenever this combination has got selected in Sales order lines, then the sales price must be updated from trade agreements.

But to add two different trade agreement records with almost same combination except different values in the customized fields needs some validation change.

Any idea how to achieve this ?


Faisal Raja J