C Front Problem

hi friends

i am developing a CFONT application using VB6.0. on navsion 5.0.

However, I am using a application which is already developed & running in one of our clinet’s place.

This has been runninng on NAV 3.7 and it works perfectly with out any problem.

But when I try to use the same application on NAV 5.0, it’s giving the following error message;

c/front fatal error :c\front.dll or cfrontsql.dll is not loaded .use connectseverandopenedatabase fist or check the parameters.you might have the wroung pathin setnavisionpath call

here is my vb code

CF.ConnectServerAndOpenDatabase “NDBCN”, X(4), “TCP”, “”, 1000, True, 0, User, Pass



Try placing your cfront.dll/cfrontsql.dll in the same directory as your application, and when remove the usage of SetNavisionPath method.

Second try getting hold of NAV 5.0 SP1 I know there has been some fixes around this SetNavisionPath in 5.0



hi friend

i did the same think what you said i replace the DLL’s after from 4.0 sP2 its working Properly thanx For Your Help



Nice to hear it worked for you. If your question is answered, please mark “the answer” and close the thread by marking as “answered” as well. Thank you.