Progress and Navision

Hi all, Does anyone know how to connect to Navision using CFRONT and Progress programming? The problem I am having is that when I use the SetNavisionPath function I get an error saying ‘C’ call stack has been compromised after calling _DBL_SetNavisionPath@4 in r:\v8dv\develop\cfront.dll. When I don’t use the DBL_SetNavisionPath and just use the ConnectServer command the program just hangs. Your help will be much appreciated. Shaz

Shaz, As fas as I know, there is a known issue with the SetNavisionPath function, and they don’t seem to be able to fix it. Apparently, C/Front normally reads the registry for the location of the Financials/Attain executables but SetNavisionPath should be able to override this. This could be in cases where you want to have the C/Front program use a specific version of the program, and not the newest one installed on the machine. But it fails! My suggestion would be to experiement with skipping the SetNavisionPath statement but I am not a C/Front expert. - Jens

You should use DBL_SetNAvisionPath after sessionInit and before any other func. Maybe you using wrong dll func calling methood, you should use __cdecl (in C language). Try call GetVersion. I have been used CF from NA 3.00, and havn’t error’s like this.