C/FRONT fatal error: cfront.dll not found

Hi. When running my VB code am getting this message. “C/FRONT fatal error: cfront.dll not found” VB Code as follows:- 'CFRONT1 is an ActiveXcontrol from CFRONT.OCX With CFRONT1 .SetNavisionPath “C:\Program Files\Navision Financials 2.50” .OpenDatabase “C:\Program Files\Navision Financials 2.50\Database.fdb”, 8000, 1 .OpenCompany “CRONUS Sverige AB” .CloseCompany .CloseDatabase End With I have installed CFRONT in a under directory of Navision. I have added it as an ocx to VB. Am I missing some thing? Regards Graham Spencer +46 8 764 74 25 Graham@cbs.se

Maybe… the line in pages 24-25 from CFront’s manual (pdf file) should be the answer… 3. The following files should be placed where the sample application and the database is placed (for example, the d:\cfront directory): dbm.dll nc_netb.dll nc_tcp.dll slave.exe fin.etx fin.stx fin.flf cfront.dll Regards, Alfonso Pertierra apertierra@teleline.es Spain

Found the answer to my problem. Is this so:- that CFRONT does not accepted to be registered in a directory with a Characters lenth greater than 8. ( I find this hard to belive!) I been using regsvr32 and Navisions customer control to register cfront.ocx. This is how it lööks from Navision customer control. CFRONT Control C:\PROGRA~1\NAVISI~1.50\CFRONT.OCX Regards Graham

SetNavisionPath must point to the location where you keep the cfront.dll, not the cfront.ocx. You are getting the message because the .ocx is trying to load the the cfront.dll but can’t find it because you have specified a wrong NavisionPath. - dk