C/FRONT and Multilanguage

Hi together! Today i came to a strange problem. We have a C/FRONT application which reads data from Navision to give it over to some webpage. Today i tested our program which our new (internal) Navision release. In this new release we implemented partly multi-language ← that means new captions in tables. When i tried to run the program, i got the error back that it couldn’t set keys … after looking some hours for the error [xx(], i finally found out that it wasnt able to set the keys because Navision expected “Nr.” (german) instead of “No.” for the key field. This brought me to a really big problem as we use everywhere in the code (except reading of field values ← there we generate automatically get methods which refer by index) field names instead of indexes. We did that this way, because we wanted a “readable” code. After looking into C/FRONT documentation, i found out that C/FRONT cannot differ between different languages in Captions. Then i came to the next strange problem. Wenn reading the field names out from Navision it looks like it is really using the “Name” property of a tablefield which is always English in our code. (<- i don’t know if this is true, but it’s my assumption). But when sending field names to C/FRONT functions this fieldnames are compared with some country code caption. And i really don’t know which caption is used for this comparison … random?? country code?? (<- this could be possible as it uses german instead of english caption, because german has 1031 and english 1033) Now i think i have to use the Tranlation text file to get to some “normal” soulution. My main question is, can i be sure that navision always returns the name property of a field (and NOT caption) when using function DBL_FieldName. Any other suggestion how we could still use field names instead of indexes in out code would be appreciated.