Yesterday I found a bug.

If you create a template in Dutch, you use fields like “contact_naam”.

But, if you change your language to English, Navision does not know the Dutch names.

Now you have to change all fields by hand to their English values.

So you have to change “contact_naam” to “contact_name” and “bedrijfsgegevens_naam” to “company_information_name”.

For me it is not a big problem, I was just testing something, and our main language is Dutch.

But if you work in a multinational, I think it is very annoying because you have to change them by hand, again and again.

Sorry, this one had to be posted in NAV - Error Ecetera.[8-)]

Thank you for your post. Yes this is not very practical - as I hear then it means that you can’t use the same templates if you have users using different languages.

Indeed, you understand it good.

So how it is now, means that you have to create a seperate template for each language…