C/Front Error on one machine.

I am having an odd problem with some testing we are doing with C/Front in Navision 3.70. From one machine (Win XP Pro) no problems from Win2K Pro machine we are getting the error: ----- There are errors in the text conversion (text no. 1959-0 does not exist in the .stx file). Internal error: 47-1. ----- The error occurs when executing the ConnectServerandOpenDatabase() function is called. As I said the same code works on a different machine. We have uninstalled and reinstalled, Navision and C/Front. Any suggestions?

Well, I thought I fixed it. It just hid the error for a while. Still getting the same error as in the original post. Anybody have any ideas?

What progam folder is your c/front program using - perhaps its not a 3.70, in which case required .stx entries might be missing.

If a more recent installation of an older version exists on that machine, the fin.?tx will be used from that folder. The simplest solution is probably to re-install 3.70, thus making that the most recent installation.

Navision is installed in “D:\Apps\Navision\Nav 3.70 W1” and C/Front is installed in “D:\Apps\Navision\Nav NA 3.70 SDK”. Both Navision and C/Front have been reinstalled since this problem came up.

So, your problem is solved?

No the problem is not resolved. I have since my last posting reinstalled Navision and C/Front (again, in there default folders) and still have the same error as originally posted.

No wonder that C/Front can’t find text in stx. I had a lot of such errors. Check all stx files for this string in older versions too. If can’t find, forget it. Look at ConnectServerandOpenDatabase() func. call, there is your problem. What can be wrong ? → pointers ? authentication ? paths ?

Don’t know if it’s related but we had problems with stx files (strange warnings). After applying all hotfixes it was fixed. Note: it was version 3.60

[:)]All this stuf isn’t related to nlv.exe ?

Good News and Bad News Good News I have “solved” the original error. I found a “forgotten” Navision install and deleted it. By doing so the original error disappears. Bad News Now the error is: ----- Error 2 in module 1 ----- I thought this was an invalid path error but this does not seem to be the case. I have carefully checked the path being specified and everything is correct. Again the error occurs when executing the ConnectServerAndOpenDatabase() function.

Just Good News this time… Error 2 in module 1 does indicate an invalid path error. However, it is not the one in my code. Remember the “forgotten” Navasion install? Well, it would appear that when it was installed it created the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Navision\Navision Attain\3.60” registry entry with an value of Path that had the install path in it. The presence of this key would appear to override settings in code for the C/Front library (and OCX). By removing this key from the registry everything works as expected. Thanks for you help on this. I am having another problem but it appears to be a .NET thing so it is probably outside the scope of this forum.

Add DBL_SetNavisionPath()in your code.

SetNavisionPath() is in the code and was being overridden by this Registry entry.

Can’t be :confused: It’s first func. call after init ? All c/f files there and valid license ? I never had problems with SetNavisionPath.

In fact, I am not using the DLL but the OCX control. The call to SetNavisionPath() is the first call. With this registry entry the SetNavisionPath() call was being ignored. Remove the entry everything works. Sounds odd, I know. Sounds contrary to the document, yes but seems to be the case.