I was reading about this site, and to be honest, I’m not sure what I think about it. It is essentially an E-Commerce store for buying ERP software like NAV and GP. Supposed to fill the void for those customers who don’t have a Microsoft Partner. Part of me says, maybe these companies should establish a relationship with a partner. You don’t have to spend money to do that, and that’s the purpose of your partner: to process license changes like this site basically does. I get the feeling it’s something like a five person company sitting at a fold up table and processing orders that come in. They get the licensing revenue from Microsoft.

What do you think about this whole thing?

I think this is great news.

I like the fact that I can buy a 1,501 user Navision system for about $700.

Dynamics NAV Users (1501+) BE

its says no prerequisites. Or do I need to buy the 1,500 users first? I hope my Amex card will go over a million dollars.

Also its so much easier to install that going the partner route. If I had a aprtner and told them I want a 1,500 users Navision system installed and running by CHristmas, what do you think they would say. Now I can buy and install in 48 hours. And it even comes with a complete 6 page installation and setup guide.

NAV 2009 Installation Instructions

I just noticed that they are based out of Las Vegas. Remember, the house always wins in Vegas [:D] I think even I could put together a website in a weekend that reflects the Price Sheet and Promotions from Partnersource.

In all seriousness, if you want to add some users to your license, it’s probably not so bad. But I can’t see it being useful for anything else. Still trying to figure out why they thought there was a void to fill with this.