Do not waste your time with

I just went to check out “support” web site - and it is such a poor job! Could never expect that from Microsoft! Do not waste your time - they have about 0 info on Navision. [}:)][}:)][}:)] This conference is about 25,000 better [:)]

Thanks. But the website is not active any longer. You’re getting now.

Actually, hasn’t been updated in over a year and a half anyway…

I have to concur with Denis. Call it what you may, the “Customer Source” page on has no useful information. I was hoping for much more. Thanks to all who support this forum.

Look at

So where do we (end users) get the password? I think this MS-NSC-End user business model is ridiculous and will soon collapse. Most NSC I know are one-man show and can not hadle growing demand. Plus rates are abnormally high, at least here in the US.

I totally disagree with you on this one Dennis. The reason Navision has grown is the partnermodel. Each partner developes its own specific add-ons for its own markets, in which it has much experience. Here in the Netherlands the past years the one man shows, as you call it, have been ceased by the economic circumstances or bought by bigger NSC’s. Only professional, certified partners are left. By the way this model has been one of the reasons why Microsoft bought Navision… Thereby, I never had any of our customers call Navision with questions about the software, that’s a question of educating your own employees. One of the known problems is that NSC’s only go after new projects, in stead of giving attention to their current customers. As anyone knows, it is much more difficult to gain new customers than to keep existing ones… About partnersources: we have our own site for our customers with faq’s section and the possibility to pose questions. With a specific SLA they get a response within 2 ours…

Well what do you expect for your 16% maintenance anyway?!!??!!! I personally think they owe us a few bucks back for non-performance.