Blocking other users in NAV

Hello all,

We have several SQL reporting servcies reports built on Ledger entry tables used by the management and few others.

When these reports are run usually the other users who are posting into NAV (such as sales invoices etc) get blocked and cannot post. But I think this should not happen as reports are read only isn’t it?

The error that appears usually for posting people is something like ‘The GL Entry table is blocked by other user’ or ‘The Cust Ledger Entry is blocked by other user’.

Any ideas to fix this and avoid this from happening?



Is Automatic Cost Adjustment feature set to “Always” ?


I am not sure where would I check please? What is the significance of that?

Have you searched:

I don’t know if that will solve the problem, but Google “SQL Report Locks Tables” or something and I’m sure there are answers. NAV reports have a Transaction Type property which dictates whether tables are locked, which I’m sure is translated to SQL. So I’m sure there is a similar property in the SQL Report.

Just check and its set to “Never”

But we are not using inventory module. Just Financials, Sales and Purchase