NAV 2013 Report Development

Hi all,

I was stuck in a problem with reports development in NAV 2013…

I want to modify Report of posted purchase invoice (which is already in NAV ) , the modification is to add Lot No column in the item ledger entry. I added Item ledger entry table as a data set and linked, but the result is the relevant lot numbers are display on next page of the report. I tried everything but still i’m in same problem.

I think may be it happens because of page grouping and using integer.

it is very thankful if anyone help me about this.

Thank you.

Dear Dinz

I have faced similar error. I request you check whether there is blank group-footer lines in the table. If you find them (these lines must not contain any data), delete them or hide them by row visibility properties. I hope it should work.



Dear Gaurav,

Thnx for the reply, hmmm… yet i got to know it happens because of the data set indentation. Since the body was grouping, when i add new data set it should indent with the previous data sets. If not it will shows the data in next page.

Although, it comes in one page there is some blank rows printed. May be because of the looping.



Thanx for Sharing Dinz !!