Locking issue when posting transactions in one Company

One of our clients is having a problem posting any journal entry in one company. They have around 10 companies but the problem is happening in only one company. The issue started when the client actually tried posting a Depreciation run that had more than 10000 lines and canceled it in between the process. Since then when any user tries posting transactions the progress bar goes up to 50% and then locks up and does not respond. If the user ends the session and logs back into Navision the Journal Entries are posted. Is there any hotfix for this issue? The client is on Version 3.10, and SQL Server 2000.

It does not look like a performance issue on the SQL Server side as in other companies the user is able to post transactions without any problems.

Please Help!!

We resolved this issue. The problem was with Analysis Views. They just got to be huge. The Analysis Views had Update on Posting checked and as a result it was slowing the whole system down.

we also face the same problem some times back. The thing i want to bring about is update of analysis views, if we dont select update on posting and later try to update it, then its not 100% complete update. why? with this we r forced to carry on with update on posting even though it slow down the posting.

This is probably because of some misinterpretation of the counter. The process remembers the last updated entry, and starts only form there. Do you have any modifications to GL posting or the process for calculating analysis views.