BigText ?!?

Hi there.

I am working on a BigText thing at the moment. I found everything i need except for the possibility to delete a PART of a text. Is it really true that there is nothing alike? I can freely add and find Text but i cannot remove? Hmm … i don’t get the sense in that… [?]

Does DELSTR or clever use of COPYSTR do what you want?

Hi, no the regular string functions do not work. You probably have to copy the text you want from one BigText to another. regards Daniel

ahed4, could you please give an example of what you are trying to do.

well basically i am trying to replace a string in a bigtext. but the problem lies deep within navision 4.00. when you send a report to shortcuts it saves its tableview including “ShowREquestForm = Yes”. But when i open a database using german language it gives me an error that “Yes” is not an option … but “Ja” and “Nein” would be. and therefore id like to load the contents of the UserMenuLevel into a BigText and Replace every “Yes” with “1”. Although i doubt that this is a good solution …

cant you just open the URL in NAvision as a text file, and then just write it back doing the substitution on the way?

well actually i cant since the link is a BLOB inside the UserMenuLevel and contains binary data. i could write myself a tokenizer and read byte per byte, but that is way too complicated and i am way too busy for that at the moment =) maybe you all will see a resolution post here the next months …