Hi all, Is anyone has done the Navision upgrade from 301B to 3.7 ? If you do, can I know the step to upgrade using Navision developer toolkit ? We do have successfully compare two verses, but when I try to merge the problem appear, so we got to compare and merge… after that we successfully put every object we want to merge to the new modified version 3.7. and then we also successfully create the text file from the new modified version. But when we try to import the object from the text file, my developer license dont allow me to create every object under Id 50000. So how to handle this things [}:)][:(!][V][xx(]

Hi Surya, You can only replace objects below ID 50000 with text-files not create them. In other words the object must be present (you can import objects as .fob) before you make the import. BTW I don’t think this is the correct forum.