Renumbering tool

Navision had very nice renumbering tool. If somebody still has it please send it to me Thank you.

Valentin, Have you received this yet? If so, could you send me a copy … please. Thanks

Be carefull here, there was a bug in the renumber tool. Be sure you have the laatest version, or you will not be able to import the renumbered text file again!

Unfortunately I have not received it yet. I am aware of the error. I was very easy to fix text file after renumbering.

Don’t fix the text file… Fix the tool. Just expand all text global and local variables to 1024. Check all function parameters too.

I just sent you the newest renumbering tool I know of. It’s from the 2.60 disk as finconp.fob. I tested it on Attain the other day and it was working nicely for that instance.

I think the latest version was working correctly, but then again… I don’t believe it was possible to create text vars with a length of 1024 in 2.60 yet. But I could be mistaken!

Thank you. I have received it.

Can I have the tool. I found other way to renumber. Import the object as txt file and change the id in the txt file to desired number and then export it. It works fine.

I would also like the tool. Thanks in advance.

I also would like to get a copy of this tool. I have the task of merging two companies into one bring over all their detail history. Does anyone know if this tool will be of help in this area?

Sorry; I left out my e-mail address

Hi guys. I just sent it to you. Ron; If you need to merge the code of two companies this tool will come handy. It will however not help you with the data, just the code and objects. Good luck.

Valentin, Can I have the renumbering tool too? Thanks

Don’t forget to renumber the data. There are a number of tables (e.g. 243 - Report List, 2000000005 - Permission) where one of more fields contain object numbers. If you change the number of an object and that object is referenced in any of these tables then you will need to update these tables to reference the new object number.

hey, Can I have a copy this tool too. Thanx a ton Vishal