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Great Link! Doc Pics->BBC - Doctor Who - Classic Series - Picture Galleries Ouch!->

Probably showing my age here but for me the best doctors are the “Classic” doctors. In order of preference Baker Pertwee Troughton All of them redefined the Doctor in his own unique way. Pertwee “was” a Time Lord all elegance and sophistication. Troughton gave the doctor the muddled techie feel. And Baker was just the Doctor and increased the comedic element. To me all the subsequent doctors were mere pastiches of these classic three. Davidson will always be Tristan from All Creatures Great and Small. McCoy was an annoying git from Kids TV before trying to be a proper actor and to me was just sending up Doctor Who. Having said that Eccleston does look good. But I heard rumours that he was only doing it for one maybe two series and then they were going to reoplace him.

Yup! David Tennant (No. 10) will be taking over at the end of this series… Billie Piper & John Barrowman (Rose Tyler and Jack Harkness), however will return. As will an old enemy - Clue: They don’t like gold…

It may be of some interest to the people who posted to this topic that while BBC TV are filming the next series, BBC7 (Digital Radio) are transmitting a series of Doctor Who audio adventures starring Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor: If you don’t have digital radio, you can either hear the stories on the BBC7 webpage: or get them on CD: I shall now return to the shadow dimensions.

Just saw this, and thought it worth posting.,30000-13471117,00.html its sky, so I’m not sure if its serious or not?