Doctor Who - Vote Saxon

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I’ve been very busy recently & haven’t had a chance to post much lately.

As Doctor Who is now back on, I’d thought I’d start a thread on it.

In the previous seasons, the words Bad Wolf and Torchwood were the running themes. This year seems to be Vote Saxon , indeed there is now a Vote Saxon website up ( The “election” date mentioned on it is the broadcast date of the last episode of the new series and “Mr Saxon” is the actor John Simm (who played Sam Tyler in the TV series Life On Mars).

Oh, and last Saturday the Doctor was told he wasn’t the last of his people as he had believed - There is another…

Well I actually haven’t seen an episode since Rose died. Must find some time though.

As to another Time Lord, that was hinted at earlier, and pretty much confirmed when the Dalek started flying.

Its also pretty obvious who the other time lord is. I actually expected him to have arrived in the situation where the Tardis was lost. The logical episode will be one where both have damaged Tardises or some such nonsense, and have to agree not to kill each other long enough to save each other. I would also not be surprised to see someone like Tom baker come back and help them out.

Anyway thanks for the updates. I suppose I need to do some catching up now.

Well I caught up on a few episodes of Doctor Who. I would guess, (or at least it seems that;s what they are trying to make the viewers guess), is that the Doctors arch nemisis is planning to get elected somewhere as Saxon.

Interestingly I was just watching an episode of Torchwood, and there was a ballroom from the 40s involved. On the door to the ballroom is a poster “vote Saxon”, but even more interesting, in graffiti on a wall inside the building is written “Bad Wolf” So I guess they are planning to join the two programs back together.

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Its been a while.

Life on Mar what a ridiculously excellent Television programme!

Apparently he decided not to carry on with LOM as he didn’t want to be stereotyped, but the Gene Genie might be getting his own serious.

Anyway, Got to see your around, I know things have been a bit down in Cambridge since Christmas, hope your all doing well though!


Well I just caught the last episode of Torchwood. I won’t spoil it, but it starts to connect.

By the way, what is Life On Mars? Comedy? SciFi?

Life on Mars is a drama, a Detective gets knocked over and wakes up in 1973 as a Detective. Two series and then it ended, letting you know what happened and going out on a high!

A follow up called Ashes to Ashes set in London in the 1980’s with the character Gene Hunt having a female side kick (potential coma sufferer etc etc) is in production.

OK, so it was all pretty obvious then. Not many other time lords it could have been I guess.

Hi David

not sure if you can pick up BBC4. The first series has started to be re-run of Life on Mars. If you are of an age that can remember the 70’s in the Uk then I would suggest you watch it. Its a trip down memory lane, with plenty of twists and a brilliant plot. Take the sweeney mix it with todays humour and good tunes from the 70’s mix it all up at 200mph… and you get “Life on Mars”