Best Companion

OK, the word “companion” has been used to be politically correct [V], so read it as you will. Peri only made the list for two reasons, and K9 and Adric confirm the political correctness of this post. Still annoyed at this 8 poll option limit. Tried Alt-V, P Dimensions, and Option String, but neither work here. Sorry to Jo and Susan that should make the list.

Where is the choice for “What are you talking about?” [:D][:p][:)][;)][8D]

try google, and search on Romanadvoratrelundar. Its one of those very few google searches that give a 100% hit rate.

[V] Its pretty sad when The Doctores get more votes than their companions, especially when a pices of sheet metal possing as a dog gets equal first.

Hi David, Adric!! You must be joking! [:0)] If you are going to include male “fellow travellers”, what was wrong with Ian or Steven or Ben or Jamie or Leithbridge-Stewart or Yates (Might be disqualified, as he never actually travelled…) or Benton or Harry or Turlough… If anyone is going to score nothing, it is going to be Adric…The Wesley Crusher of Doctor Who… Other notable exceptions (Excluding Susan and Jo): Polly, Victoria (Leather lungs herself!), Zoe, Tegan, Nyssa and if you are going to be PC, Ace (The ultimate politically correct companion)… Tough choice from those there - It would have to be Sarah-Jane. Someone should vote for Romana 2 and Peri though… By the way, one of my friends is called Sarah-Jayne Smith and like me, she is vintage 1976. I wonder what her parents used to watch on a Saturday night…

Yes I agree the Brigadeer was a beter choice, ut he as never a companion in that sense. Adric I put there, because I think his death was one of the things that seperated US fro UK programmes, i.e. it was real, much like when Ben died in Blakes 7. Still the idea is to comment, still Sarah-Jane was there, so you got your vote in right. Peri should have gotten avote by now, and not just for the two obvious reasons, but also the fact that I think she is the only original companion that is still active (i.e. the audio books). By the way, you know that she fakes the accent right?

Yup! Nicola Bryant is English! (Better than Tegan’s Aussie one I think…) Mind you, there are a couple of other old companions doing the Audio adventures. Nyssa (Sarah Sutton), Turlough (Mark Strickson), the Brig (Nick Courtney), Ace (Spohie Aldred) and… errrr Mel (Bonnie Langford) [xx(] But Peri is the bets of them… [:D] Shame it’s just audio… Who’s who of Companions:

I never even realised Tegan was Australian till years after. I mean Peri’s accent is not American, but at least you knew what she is supposed to be. Still no winner here, not enough votes.

Fans of Sarah-Jane and K-9 may be interested in the following bit of news on the Outpost Gallifrey website (


Rumors abound, mostly in a report in Saturday’s The Sun, that the BBC has approached Elisabeth Sladen to reprise the role of Sarah Jane Smith along with her robot dog K-9 in next year’s Doctor Who season. The Sun quotes Russell T Davies as saying “Talks are under way with Elisabeth Sladen to revive the iconic character Sarah Jane Smith, who is remembered by a whole generation of Doctor Who fans.” However, there’s no additional confirmation about this quote or the report itself.