Cybus Corporation

If you posted to the “Best Doctor” discussion last year, the following site may be of interest to you: “The future’s shiny” If you go to the Mk1 site there is an area with a password - This is “Nemesis”. I wonder if they also do Navision…?

Speaking of which, I saw the Christmas special (I’m missing Ecclstone already :frowning: ) So when does series ii start?

No definite dates, but the rumours say that it will start in the UK in late April (Probably in time for the Easter holidays for maximum exposure and ratings). I thought the Christmas one was a bit flaky myself, so hopefully David Tennant will have more to get his teeth into in series 2.

Update: Series two starts on Saturday 15th April in the UK. David Tennant and Billie Piper have both signed on to do series three as well. [:D]