Doctor Who: Doomsday - Exit Rose?

Yup! Time again for a Dr. Who posting, I think.

Billie Piper announced she was leaving the show at the end of series 2 last month and series 2 ends this Saturday in the UK. Question is; does she get killed off? There have been a few omens to suggest that Rose will “buy the farm” in the last episode.

Billie’s replacement has now been cast::

(Anyway, it’s not looking good for Earth. It was rumoured that the Cybermen would return as a full invasion force in the penultimate episode, which they did last Saturday, but it turns out they are not the only old enemy who have arrived in force to invade… It seems that the Cybermen maybe merely a distraction…)

I’m guessing we’re a season or two behind over here?

[:’(] Say it aint so!

Hi Harry,

Yes, you are on Season 1 of the ‘re-launched’ series and the UK is just getting to the end of season 2.

It looks like you haven’t seen aThe Empty Child, Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways yet! Or David Tennant…

All I will add is that overall season 2 is better than season 1.

Preferred Season one to be honest - although I can’t decide who makes the better Doctor…

This season seems to be more about Rose, it’s almost getting like a soap opera at times!

Not seen the latest episode, recorded it so I can watch both parts together[:D]



I have to agree with Justin, Series one was defiinitely way and above series two, and although I could never put my finger on the reason, I think Justins use of the phrase “soap opera” really does ring true. As for Rose, I am not too sad to see here go (sorry) and its not really her fault, but I think the scripts this year just are not up to scratch. If they need to get so much into an episode, then go back to 2 hour episodes (i.e. the old 4 x half an hour each week) format.With a Gotcha each night, but no … they need the Saturday night viewers, and that will drive the scripts, which is wrong.

As for the new assistant, is Freema the girl that was flirting with the other guy, and when they went out back she got Cybermanized? If so, she seemed pretty good. But lets see how it goes next year.

As to Rose, yes she will probably die, but then come back to life again some how.

Somehow we have a copy of OK! Magazine here. Issue 525 June 2006 and interview with Billie says she’s signed up for season 3, so perhaps she’ll have some guest appearences. (If’s she’s blown up of course).[*-)]

Well she has been changing her mind everytime you read something. My guess is that tonight she dies, but somehow comes back to life next series.

Harry I suggst you don’t open this thread again until next year [:D]

Well it may my girlfriend cry, while I started off laughing!

Alien vs Predator meets Eastenders with lots of cheap CGI.

Sorry not too impressed.

Lets see if they can get Blakes Seven going, and not ruin that one too.

Anyone else think that the new assistant looks exactly like Rose?

I would bring this topic alive again but really it need sto include them all. Not just the few Iput in the original poll.

Most interesting in that thread was to see Harry’s change over 12 months. I am guessing that we infected him with the Docotr Who bug. [:D] Harry next thing is to get to the BBC shop and start getting copies of all the old episodes.