Axapta problem on 1st run after install

ok, I’m new to this so please bear with me. I installed Axapta Application and Client 3.0. I already have SQL Server 2000 on my machine. I picked the 2-tier option and install went ok. When I first run axapta, it builds several indexes then I get a error message: SQL Login failure for ‘bmssa’. Not a trusted SQL Server Connection. any ideas on how to fix this? thanks, jim.

I hope you have created the ODBC connection properly. Normal sql user is sa you need to mention that in axapta configuration. Also user bmssa or sa should be trusted by windows server. system admin can help in this. Otherwise your axapta installation seems ok. Regards, Anuj

arg! found the problem… AXDB was missing in Enterprise Manager and I was curious about this. Still not clear on all the details but somehow I missed the step on the install that creates the DB. Anyway, manually created the AXDB, bmssa user, and changed security on the database. Things work fine now… Thanks, jim…

Hi Jim. When installing Axapta if you do not go through the database wizard then the user and database will not be created. If you are using 3.0 then you do not have to use a DSN and I recommend against using one. /Michael