Installing Axapta 2.50

Hi, I am trying to install the Axepta 2.50.During installation i faced some probs.I am describing what i have done in step-by-step. Steps 1: OS: Windows 2000 Objective: Installing Axapta 2.50 Step 2: Install SQL Server 7.0 (Server) Step 3: Install Prerequsites from product CD Step 4: Install Application from product CD Step 5: Install Client from product CD Step 6: Got a SQL Error "Data Source Name not found … " Then I go to “ODBC Data Source Administration”. In the “System DSN” tab, I changed the configuration of BMSDSN with “Windows NT Authentication using the network login ID” radiobutton. I further go to “Damgaard Axapta Configuration Utility”. In the ODBC tab, I delete the “Database user id”. Then I was able to enter the application, but failed to open any form giving error message “Application object not initialised. Stack trace …”. Further, I would like to know whether AXDB database will be created automatically during installation or I have to create it maually in SQL server before installation. Please give your valuable suggession asap.

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Hi. * You have to create the axdb database. * Create a login for the database, named bmssa and password bmssa_pwd (default for Axapta.). Login bmssa must also be databaseowner of axdb. Task above are managed in “Enterprise Manager” for MS SQL Server 7. In the Systen DSN, use the login above as “Database user id”. Peter