Axapta Help Broken

I have a problem with Axapta’s help menu (F1). It appears as a skeleton of what I imagine it should be. When you attempt to view the contents via the contents button you receive an error : Product name Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta Release version 3.0 Build number 1951.3730/514-193 SP3/OP023-71 Compile date Mar 17 2004 Compile time 19:56:42 Message (13:58:45) Error executing code: Global (object), method isConfigurationKeyEnabled called with invalid parameters.,Stack trace:,\Classes\Global\isConfigurationKeyEnabled,\Classes\SysDocNode\isEnabled - line 7,\Classes\SysHelpToc\insertNode - line 57,\Classes\SysHelpToc\insertNode - line 85,\Classes\SysHelpToc\buildProject - line 19,\Classes\SysHelpToc\insertNode - line 37,\Classes\SysHelpToc\insertNode - line 85,\Classes\SysHelpToc\insertNode - line 85,\Classes\SysHelpToc\buildProject - line 17,\Classes\SysHelpToc\build - line 24,\Classes\FormButtonControl\Clicked - line 18, The help menu buttons are black and the information displayed is obviously far from complete. I have this problem with all of my clients (xp and 2k) as well as several versions of internet explorer. Updating IE does not seem to help. Anyone run into this problem before? Thanks, Scott Anderson

Hi Scott, I have come across similar problems in the past. Guess you would have initialised help system selecting multiple languages. You should select only that language (ex en-us) for which you have the license. HTH, Harish Mohanbabu

How would I re-initialize the help system? Thanks, Scott

Hi Scott, Try this - a) Logout all users out of Axapta. If it is a 3-tier installation, stop AOS as well. b) Delete all index files for the help language. c) Start AOS in the language that you want (i.e. en-us) d) Start client in the same language. Axapta would now try to rebuild help text. e) Once this is done, please close client and stop AOS. Please note that while trying the above, make sure no other client is logged in. Wish you all success, Harish Mohanbabu