Crash when creating help with fr and en-gb

Hi, I’m facing trouble, Axapta crash, when I Initialize the help system in the installation check list. Can anybody help me ? Thanks Thierry

Hi Thierry, You might want to try what it says in the README.TXT file on the Axapta 3.0 CD: “Help System Initialization Wizard When running the Help system initialization wizard from the checklist, crashes can occur when running both multiple languages and the development help index at the same time. To avoid the problem, deselect Create Index in the Development dialog (normally checked by default) and continue creating the Help index using the selected languages. Then, close and restart Axapta, begin the wizard again, and deselect all languages in the Select Languages dialog. Check Create index in the Development dialog and continue the wizard normally.” I hope this does the trick. Best regards, Andrew Cowell

Thanks a lot. Now it goes through building help and dev index. I hope SP2 will give a solution to this issue. Best regards.