A few difficult questions!

Hi all, I have a few difficult questions. I hope someone can answer some of them or point me in the right direction. Here we go! - We have caught the pressing of the F1-key on every form in Axapta except on the main menu. Pressing the F1-key while the main menu is active causes the opening of the helpsystem. The pressing of the F1- key on all the other forms causes an self defined action. The helpsystem isn’t opened anymore. --------> How can we catch the F1-key on the main menu? - So we have disabled the functionality of the F1-key, but when we click on “help” in the help-menu on the menubar, the helpsystem is opened AND our new functionality is being executed. --------> How can we alter the functionality behind menu-items on the menubar --------> How can we add menu’s to the menubar? --------> How can change the behaviour of menu-items on the menubar? I hope there’s someone who know’s something about these subjects!!! Any help is welcome!!! Regards, Michel

Hi all, Some answers found!!! - SyssetupFormRun\Task → This calls the help for normal forms - Forms\SysHelp\helpURL → This calls the help for the main-menu and the AOT - Forms\SysHelp\helpObject → this calls the help for special forms. I thought it will be helpfull for other people! Regards, Michel