F1 key is not working in Axapta.

Hi, I have a question here regarding the F1 key function under Help menu. According to my memory, it has never worked for me since day one. Others also have the same bad experience except for a few. In both of my local Axapta and Server Live Axapta, I can’t use F1 function. After the comparison of other¡¯s configuration, it still looks like a mystery. What enlightenment do you have for me? Cheers, Gem

Hi Gem, I had never experienced this before; first, what is the Axapta version/sp/configuration (2-3 tier) that you are running? Then you should check if the Axapta online help was initialized (you can see that in the installation/upgrade check lists from Administration\Setup\System\Check lists). You should also look around in SysSetupFormRun class, task() method: usually the super() call for F1 should direct to helpObject() method on the SysHelp form. Thanks, Ciprian