AX costing sheet/ costing version

Anyone familiar with AX inventory costing version and costing sheet?
I have a multi level BOM structure and I setup a costing sheet as below:
Total Material Cost

a) Coil cost group (let say result is USD 20)

b) Oil cost group (let say result is USD 10)

Total Process Cost

a) Cutting cost group (let say result is USD 20)

Total indirect cost

a) Overhead = 10% of (Total Material group + Total process cost)

After I run the BOM calculation, the total material cost and total process cost are calculate correctly by eachBOM level. But the OVERHEAD cost is not as what i expected.
I expect the Overhead = USD 50 x 10% = USD5.
So my final FG cost id USD 55. But Ax calculate the Oveheed cost is by each BOM level and it roll and total up from bottom level to the upper level. Thus my total overhead cost become very high.
I try to play with the setting “Subtype” = Level, sublevel & total but still can’t get it.
Can anyone please advice.

AX is functioning correctly in theory because you are basing the overhead on the total material and total process cost, and the sub-BOM’s are calculated using the same logic and therefore the overhead is applied to these. You could apply the 5% to the cost groups rather than the totals, but this would mean the structure of your cost groups would not contain the cost groups defined in the final product in the sub-products otherwise it would again apply this and roll it up. Your setup should be total from my understanding, but depending upon the configuration I am not sure how this would work.

Also check the explosion mode on the costing version, you could set this to single level, and then when you run it for the top one it will pick up that level, but if you run it for the lower levels it will, guessing about your structure, include the indirects at the lower level and therefore roll them up to the parent anyway because they are in the costing version.

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