AX 2009 Cost price calculation in AX 2009

Hi All,

I have created a FG Item with Item type “BOM” and approved and activiated BOM & Route for the Site 1.

In the costing sheet provided the overhead % for the Direct labour for the Site 1 with 200%.

During the Price calcution for the FG Item, AX provides the Cost of Direct Material & Direct labour, but not considering the Overhead cost defined in costing sheet. But If I create a Production order for the same FG and estimate the Production order, in the Price calculation able to see the Direct Material, Direct labor and overhead cost.

Can you please suggest the procedure for incorporating the Overhed cost while cost price calculated from Item master.

Please let me know,.


Satish EC

The best bet is a costing version difference. On the calculation you have a costing version.

Now open the costing sheet and go to your indirect node. Click on teh calculation tab and look at the surcharges listed - is the same costing version listed with the 200% defined and it is active.

If these match the indirect cost would be seen on the price calculation from the item.