Ax 7 pricing

Does any one provided Ax 7 pricing to your customer? My customer is asking the total cost. The internet materials is quite confusing. Can anybody provide some sample pricing documents that you already sent to your customer?

Pricing is tricky because there are lots of different layers to consider. AX can be bought on EA or through subscription, and even the subscription is bundled with other support and hosting services so it’s not an easy thing to quote anymore. AX2012 on premise is still for sale and easier to directly quote.

There is some price guidance on Partner Source but even then, if you read the fine print, there are several variables which are hard to quantify. For example Microsoft offers options that include bundling Office365 in with the subscription. Further, if AX is bought on CSP from a partner, level 1 support services, partner IP and other costs can be included. To be honest it’s a bit of a black box right now in the industry, and why I think most AX7 deals are being sold on EA which is direct through Microsoft.

I suspect once Dynamics365 comes out later this fall some more pricing information will make its way to the forefront.

It is continually changing with AX7. Your only real hope is to talk directly with MS and engage wiwth your customer in a deep dive of what they actually want from hosting etc.

Seems to me it’s even tough in this current environment to get an open discussion going with MS on this front. They seem to be keeping their cards very close to the chest, still…

For sure. Some news leaked recently about Dynamics 365 pricing. But i was told Microsoft is upset this info is getting out.…/