AX 2012, product information management- How to remove a product off released product list

Hi guys,

Suppose we stop selling item A from the date of 1.1.2013. How can I remove item A from the list of released products?? It is annoying to see invalid items showing up in dropdown list when creating sales orders.

An item cannot be removed when there exists transactions for it. Rather you can put it on hold from default or site specific order setting but still appears in the look up, but you cannot proceed with sales line creation and save.

You need to modify it to remove it from the list whilst it remains as an inventory record.

Hi Adam,

Can you explain more how to modify the record?

Nope I am not a developer - speak to your developer about it, you understand the functional needs, they can advise you on the impact - or post the question of what would be required in teh developer forum here and await a response.

Thanks Adam, I will liaise with our developers.