how to delete a released product in AX 2012?

Hi, I created a product and released to a company. now I need to remove the product and what is the best way to do that?

system is throwing an error message “product has been released to company and cannot be deleted”.

Hi Patrick,

I think you have made Purchase order or sales order with that particular product, which you want to delete.

First delete the existing POs or SOs and then try to delete the product from the Released Product. Then only u can be able to delete that product.

Thanks and regards,

Parashar Banerjee.

Delete the released product(in all the companies into which it has been released), before deleting the product


I am facing the same error, some one deleted the item from “Released Product”, but when i am trying to delete from “All product and product master” its giving the same error message, i have checked the transactions, there is nothing in SO, PO.


Hi Ally,

Try to check if there are any other transactions are posted for that product in manage inventory ->Transactions.

And try to check if any other company using this product in which it has been released.


Dear Patrick.

if this item you have entered in the PO or SO then you have removed it from PO and SO respectively still it will be available in some table where you have to delete.

the table name will be purchlinehistory and pruchline.

delete the record from here also then try to delete the product it will work.

thanks & regards.

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