Average Days To Pay

In NAV 2013 how could I create a customer list with the average days it takes to pay invoices from the invoice date. I can see on the entry stats for each customer that this data is available but I don’t know how to create a list that shows this information for all customers.

It is not included in standard - if this info is shown in Client Statistics, this functionality seemingly was added during NAV implementation, ask your Partner to add it to Customers Balance list, too, if it is not already included in Choose Columns list, which I doubt for the reason below:

This average must be calculated ‘on the fly’ for each row in the List, it may degrade the performance seriously, if there is a significant count of transactions with each customer.

Maybe the way I worded the question was wrong. The data I see on the customer entry statistics is located at the bottom of the “No. Of Documents” FastTab and is called Avg. Collection Period (Days) and is listed on MSDN so I assumed that it was standard http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh179364(v=nav.71).aspx. That’s the number I would like to see in a full customer list, but as you suggested, I guess I will have ask my partner about adding it to the customer balance list or creating a report for me. Thank you for your reply.


Statistics & Entry Statistics, both accessible from Customer Card, are standard, of course - I didn’t quite catch what are you asking about.

However notice, that on the Card itself in Customer statistics there are only “sum” or “count” type of data, which can be easily obtained with little resource usage due to underlying technology and specific data “storage”.
Those AvgDays are put on separate page as statistical data of low usage rate - you’ll agree you don’t need to check that whenever you browse through Customer list (directly or choosing Customer when creating docs) maybe hundreds of times per day. My suggestion would be to ask the Partner for a report instead of adding this as column to the Cust.list - but you’re the Boss, you decide.

Since we only have to use that data for all customers a couple times a year as a part of our discount level program a report would definitely make more sense. Thanks for your help.