average days of receiving payments

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if there is a way, or a list to create, to see how long it takes (in average days) before a customer pays his invoices.

I should say this ought to be found in the financial management tab, but i’ve searched and searched, but found no list or something a like.

Hope someone can help me out.


On the customer card, select the “customer” button and then "entry statistics

this opens form 302 which show the average collection period.

Hi David,

I tried it immediately, but this is not what i’m looking for. The way you discribe it just shows the invoicedate, and the paymentdate for one particular customer. What I’m looking for is a list, for all customers, which shows the average amount of days for an invoice to be paid per customer. So, any other suggestions?


You will need to write this one yourself as no standard report defines this (I believe).


Did you every come up with a way to get average days to pay by customer? I am needing the same information.



I would ask your partner to see if they have a report that they’ve made for their other clients. It’s a common request and I’m not sure why Microsoft did not want to create a report for it.