Average Days to Pay

Has anyone come up with a way to easily calculate the average days to pay by customer? Is it available anywhere in NAV?


Hi Tom,

No there is no standard report available in Navision to show Average Days to Pay.

From the customer card, click on:

Customer → Entry Statistics. On the No. of Documents tab, it’ll show you the Avg. Collection Period.

Hi Alex,

Wow, I never saw that one! Thanks I’ve actually been looking for this a few times!

Sure, no problem!

Thanks! I checked one customer. The average collection period looks like it is the average of the difference between the posting date of the invoice and the posting date of the payment. Is that your understanding?


Also, you haven’t found a report with this info on it have you?


yes, it’s all based on the posting date.

Regarding the report, ask your partner if they have something written for their other customers. Most likely, they do. This should really be a standard report within NAV.