Automation and Navision 3.10

Hi, If I want to use a new customized DLL file into Navision Attain, where do I need to save this file. Or do I need to register this file (and how does that work). I know that ocx files needs to be registered but how does that work with DLL’s? Thanks. Roelof

As far as I know, you have to use an OCX (without a UI). If you didn’t create the DLL, you will probably have to write a wrapper in VB.

Dear Roelof you can save the file anywhere but it should be register and you can register the file by using dos command regsvr32.exe or you can register the file from navision also.

In Navision from Tools–>Custom Controls.

Thanks for all the replies. I already tried to register my DLL file but it didn’t work. The registration itself didn’t give me an error or something (although when you open the box, it is only filtered on *.ocx extensions) but I couldn’t see my DLL file in the automation server list (even when I rebooted).

try this out. for 32 bit O.S (operating system ) use the following command to register a dll. regsvr32 dllpath\dllname.dll (its advisable to store this dll in the drive itself rather than in folders under the respective drives ) like c:\dllname.dll … hope this will help u…and pls get back to me if it works or not…

Hi Rachuru, Yes, I tried that and it didnt work. According to the programmer who made this dll, is that he has embedded the wrong COM (IDispatch) interface. He will reread his code and see if it will work out. Thanks for you help. Roelof.

Hello Roelof, I had this problem. a few months back. check out,tuff What I will end up doing, Is write a VB.Net program (com componets) that will perform the calls to the Dll. This VB.Net program you can then call using Automation (Not OCX). Hope this helps a little. Graham

Hi Graham, I will check this out. Thanks. Roelof.