Problem with registering DLL file

I have a problem with installing a custom DLL file. After registred this file (however the file doesn’t seem to pop up on the Custom Control List) it looks like Navision is recognizing it (setting it up as an automation in the code and I can see all the functions). However when I CREATE the automation server as an instance (in the code), it gives me an error which says: ‘Could not create an instance of this automation server. Check out if it is correctly installed and registred’. Well, to my knowledge that is what I did. Do I miss something or is the DLL file not correct? Please help. Roelof.

Is there more than one version of your automation-server installed ?

  1. Automation servers, which typically have a .dll extension never show up in the Custom Controls list. Custom controls, which have a .ocx extension, however, do. 2. Not all DLLs are automation servers, but since you could register yours, I assume this is an automation server. 3. Are all the files that the DLL depends on available on the machine? Can they be found either through the path environment variable, or via registry information?

Hallo Jan, Nee ik ben er al achter wat er aan de hand was. Het bleek een fout in de dll zelf te zijn. Bedankt voor de respons. Roelof de Jong.

In some cases the dll needs so called “design time license” (some microsoft VB custom controls do so). But in this case the error occures at compilation. How is it in your case?