call a dll

In Navision is possible call a simple dll (not an activex library) without register it? Marcello

How will windows know where to look for the dll if you don’t register it?

I’m new in programming in Navision, but in other programming languages I can call a dll without register it. Windows can find it because the dll file can be in the same folder of the exe program or located in a folder specified in then “path” enviroment variable. And in navision? I suppose you told me I can’t. Is it right?

I guess I am just ignorant about this kind of stuff. I always thought that in order to be able to use a dll you have to register it. When you use a dll in VS you have to set a reference to it, and by doing so I thought you register it. There may be a way to do it in Navision that I don’t know about, but what I do is whenever I need to use a dll that is not in the list yet I register it. It just never entered my mind to try to use a dll without registering it. To me it’s kind of like if you want to go to Rome you have to travel there. How can you be somewhere without first going there? That just doesn’t make sense to me.

Sorry Navision only supports ActiveX dll’s or OCX’s. Native (C++) dll are not accessible in Navision. I know, i know … It’s a bummer …

mcaremi : The solution is to write a wrapper, basically you need to develop an OCX or Automation Controller that will encapsulate the functions available in the DLL. You could then call it from Navision So Navision will make the call to your OCX, and your OCX will load the DLL and invoke the relevant functions.