ASP.NET connection with Navision 3.60 using ODBC

Hello, We have build an ASP.NET intranet solution thats getting, updating and inserting data from Navision 3.60 via the C/ODBC connector. The intranet application is used by 20 users and after each quarter the webserver(IIS) must be reset because the intranet application has a timeout. Is there a better C/ODBC driver or an other solution to make the connection with navision better??? Please help. Friendly Regards, Hans de Graaf Senior Webdeveloper

Yes there is. The Navision application server is the best tool to do this, in combination with a technique like the commerce portal uses…

Do you have more information about NAS and the Commerce portal? Like price and technical information… Do you know the problems of C/ODBC?

Hans, please feel free to contact me at, as the information is wide. I am sure we acn help you out.