ASP and C/ODBC 2.60E Problems

Hello everyone. Hopefully I am posting this in the right place. If not, I am sure someone will let me know! I have a customer running Navision 2.60E, and I have written a ASP application that interfaces to Navision via C/ODBC v. 2.60E. Several times a week the webserver will stop executing queries to Navision, and any attempts to query the database causes the page to hang indefinitely. It may work fine 50 times, but eventually it will stop working. The page that seems to expose the issue executes a somewhat complex query which takes about 15+ seconds to complete. This seems to be where the problem starts. Like I said, it will work fine many times, but once it fails, it will not work again. The IIS services cannot be restarted, and the server must be rebooted. Is there an issue with communications between the Navision server and the ODBC client? Maybe it drops the connection or the socket gets locked? Is there a newer version of the C/ODBC driver that may fix this issue? The customer is not ready to upgrade to a newer version of Navision. Has anyone seen a similar issue? Is there any way to resolve it? If more information is needed, please let me know. Thank you for any help you can offer. Joe

Yes the old c/odbc drivers are bugy. The customer can do an executable upgrade to navision 4.0 SP1. Which is basically do a backup of navision. Install the new client and server and restore the backup. and you can use the rewritten N/odbc drivers. The other option is to use SQL on same version

In 2.01 C/ODBC this was ery common, though I thought by 2.6 it had gotten better. Still I understand when clients do not want to upgrade, but as ara3n says upgrading is the better solution. If there are specific reasons that an upgrade is not possible (the existance of win 98 clients is the only one I can see) then another (and probably better) solution is to move to C/FRONT this i sa much more reliable ront end that odbc. but really you have to work through the options, and decide which is better.