Navision and ASP.NET

I am going to build a .NET web application to insert and retrieve navision data as customers, products and so on. What is the “correct” way to do so? Thanks in advance Marco Morreale

Hi Marco, look at the mbs navision commerce portal. learn from it. buy it. Greetings. Tiger

I took a glance at it. It seems to me that it uses the application server. What are the pros of using Application Server instead of ODBC? Do my clients have to buy commerce portal also if I use this architecture? Thank you. Marco

I think using a NAS it’s way easier to run some transactions, affecting the native database of navision. But if you only want to retrieve data from Navision, you can use ODBC, instead of using the NAS

In my opinion the best way to do this is to deploy Navision on SQL2000 and go directly to the database to retrieve the tables. Performance is better and integration is more straightforward. However, if SQL2000 pose as “investment hurdle” C/ODBC seems a viable option but not as easy as it seems…

The best solution form me would be: - not to use sql2000 in order to save money of my customers - let native navision triggers fire when needed - using only one navision licensed user for all my web users I’m trying to build this architecture for my web application: - ODBC for reading data straight on navision DB - NAS to perform transactions like insert, update What are the possible problems of this solution? Bye Marco Morreale

Hi Marco, Note that making an ODBC connection directly from the .NET web application might be a potential security risk if this web application is published on the internet (if it is only for intranet usage then this does not apply), since this requires a certain openness between the DMZ where your IIS is most likely located and the Internal Network where the Navision database is located. Regards, Bruno

Thank you for your warning. May you see any way to make this architecture secure? Maybe using a firewall? Or setting the odbc channel readonly? I would two separate servers: 1- Navision Server 2- WebServer Thanks Marco Morreale