Problems With C/ODBC And ASP.NET

I’m stumped by a problem using C/ODBC with ASP.NET. I have an ASP.NET application where I am writing data from a SQL Server database through a C/ODBC interface to a Navision database. The interface works as designed on the development machine (Windows XP Pro) as well as on the test machine (Windows 2000). However, the application can’t open the connection to Navision on our production server (Windows 2000 Server). And I’m kinda stumped??? I know the C/ODBC connection is good because I have some classic ASP components that use the same connection without a problem. I thought it might be a permission problem with the ASPNET user, so I temporarily put the ASPNET user in the Administrators group. No joy. Also, there’s nothing in the event log. One other bit of information. I changed the configuration on the development machine to point to the production data sources to try to reproduce the problem while stepping through in the debugger. But it worked fine. So I’m kinda stumped. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!