Application Builder or Solution Developer

Can someone tell me wich license I must have for accessing the C/AL code in tables, forms and codeunits? And what is the difference between Application Builder and Solution Developer?

A few answers easily found by searching the forum for Application Builder Solution Developer:,Builder,Solution,Developer,Builder,Solution,Developer,Builder,Solution,Developer,Builder,Solution,Developer

The Application Builder will allow you to change the code but to access code that changes the write-protected tables you need Solution Developer. (As an example you will need Solution Developer to change codeunits 12, 80 and 90) Solution developer also gives you access to upgrade tool and merge tool. Note that Developer’s toolkit is not included but in two seperate granules. You will get Codeunits 50.000-50.099 included in Application Builder. To buy Solution developer you need Application Builder in the license. The buy Application Builder you need form-, report- and table-designer. Hope that helps.

By “write-protected” tables, you could assume that includes anything that involves posting. -john