Why cant I access C/AL code form table designer and Form Designer.

My company has bought a license which contain form,table designer but wat is my problem is i have created a table and tried to open c/al code but that option is disabled

This is not working even for the tables like customer,item etc

Plz help me how to do that

You have purchased the table and form designer, but areas like the code are restricted to the develoepr license. There is an explanation of the modules that your partner should have made available to you explaining what each module purchase does. Basically you have not purchased the correct license to do this, and it is expensive as they want to keep users out of there!

7130 - Table Designer - You use this granule to change existing table definitions, and it enables you to create 10 new tables (numbered from 50000 to 50009). You can change properties on fields, such as the field name, decimal places and maximum value. You can add new fields to existing tables and create new tables to store data specific to your business. You can create new keys for sorting information in new ways, and you can change or create new FlowFields™ and FlowFilters™ for “slicing and dicing” information in new ways. This granule does not include access to C/AL from tables.

Note the last line.

I believe you would need 7200 Application Builder and 7300 Solution Developer.

thank u adam