Adjust Item Costs - endless loop

We are using 3.7. We have checked the option to post inventory costs automatically to G/L. So far Jan 2 to Jan 22 have posted to inventory automatically as expected. We are getting ready to run prelimary financials for January. So tonight we ran Adjust Item Costs function (From Inventory::Periodic Activities). About half way through, one of our items hit an endless loop. It just kept looping through the same 3 Item Ledger Entries (all Sales Entries … the 3rd sale entry was undone via the “Undo Shipment” function - creating a 4th sale entry - a postive entry … I don’t know if that’s significant or not because we have several other items where this is the case and the adjust cost function zipped right through them). Three questions: 1. How often to others out there run the adjust cost function? 2. Do most people post costs automatically? In our older version we would adjust costs once a month, then post costs once a month. 3. Has anybody encountered this endless loop? We just cancel to get rid of it. Haven’t contacted NSC yet; will do if no help here. -g

Hi Navi 1. It will depend upon the business and its requirements - daily, weekly and monthly are the most common with probably monthly in my experience, but we have customers running the other as well. 2. We get most of ours to post automatically unless the account has a preference not to do this. I would guess it is a 70/30 split but could be horribly wrong. 3. Search this forum for endless loop - I have seen it many times in here.

What improvement are you up to on your database? North American improvement 31 (I don’t recall what Worldwide Hot fix) may address this as it fixed a endless loop problem in the adjust routine.

Steve: I don’t know … but will check it out. Thanks for the tip. -g