Adjust Cost - Item Entries (795) - Post to GL

Hi all,

I’m new to the forum, not new to Navision.

To explain why I ask the questios: In the compant I formerly worked for we used the function Adjust Cost - Item Entries / Post to GL a lot to give correct entries on the Item ledger Entries.

The company I currently work for do nothiing like this at all, and the info I get out of teh system is not good enough…I think.

I did some testing (we are now on a newer version (Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, Dynamics NAV 6.0), where the menu forms have been customized, I can’t find the things I need.

So far I found the trick to Adjust Cost - Item Entries, but the option “Post to GL” is greyed out. After running the adjustment the ILE shows correct amounts, costs are being pushed down, no changes on the GLE though. How can I get this to work? Is there a seperate function? Is this a license issue?

Thanks for the help in advance, if you need more info, let me know.

Check Inventory Setup.

If Automatic Cost Posting is ON in the Inventory Setup then the Post to G/L option is enabled and vice versa.
Post to G/L as a separate function can be found under…
Financial Management, Inventory, Costing, Post, Post Inventory Cost to G/L.

No doubt you know that Posting to the G/L for the first time withat many “un-posted” item transactions will have consequences…
In no particular order: what cost is posed and to which accounts; are all inventory setups complete; have Dimensions been posted; are all G/L accounts valid; are all lcoations valid; and…

We looked at this with one of our sites the consequences were significant.