Endless looping at Adjust Cost - Item Entries in NAV 5.0

Hi all,

I’m facing some problems running Adjust Cost - Item Entries in our NAV 5.0 +SQL. There are some products that go into a endless looping and we can’t finish the task. Also we are having performance problems only to run this task wich could take more than 24 hours to complete - if I run it with filters on those looping products.

I’ve read that there is a fix but it is for 3.6

Any comments?


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Did you check this post?


I ran into a similar situation the other day. Essentially adjust cost was looping through the same set of item ledger entries, although it would throw an error pretty quickly.

The main problem was a shipment that had been undone for that item number. We had to adjust that item out of the system, run adjust cost, then adjust it back into the system. It may not be the case with your issue, but something to look at perhaps.

Hi Matt,

I am running same situation on NAV 5.0 SP1 . I am using Average Cost, with Inv. ACY (USD) different from LCY (Pesos) using Transfer order to move from one location to another. No undo shipment was performed … but result it is these endless loop for on particular item. It is the first time ever since 2 year of heavily used . I have applied all MS Hot Fix that is on web/forum without success. Also tried in C/side and SQL. I did not understood your walk-around … could you please explain it with more detail or if you know if there is a fix for this ?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Mário,

We spent a lot of time here trying to find a solution and now this is working fine. I will write down what We did:

1- review all the SQL maintenance plans that run in a daily basis;

2 - upgrade the client version of NAV( NAV 2009 R2 - version 5.00 (6.00.32012)). We didn’t place a full database upgrade, only client side.

3 - upgrade the database hardware.

Now We have this process running without any looping and it takes up to 1.5 hours to finish. If I run it daily, it takes 10 minutes maximun to finish.

All of the actions above had its own efect but the second one was the main one. It brings the VSIFT and I think that was the point.